Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Rewind

Is it really over? This Christmas season and our twins' first Christmas flew by. We spent Christmas with the Coburn side and got to host Christmas Eve, which included a visit from good old St. Nick before church. Unfortunately, December can bring sickness and Grandpa Coburn was sick and couldn't join us on Christmas Eve and then Bria got the flu after Christmas (she even got her flu shot in October). We really enjoyed spending time with family and watching the little ones light up with holiday cheer.

These first 2 photos were taken prior to Christmas at a party

Santa arrived in a Mustang this year

Tyson and McKenna all dressed up

Bria and Caleb (they'll probably be afraid of him next year)

Christmas morning: Tyson was the most excited we've seen him yet

Stocking time

 Christmas day nap for Caleb
Bria with Aunt Linds and her new seahorse

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tyson Quotes...

Tyson makes me laugh... below are some of his latest quotes that he said out-of-the-blue:

1) "Mommy, where does Mitt Romney live? Ohio?"
2) (On our way to get our Christmas tree) "I'd really like it if we put the Christmas tree in my room."
3) "Mommy, you smell like snow."
4) "Let me show you what I want for breakfast... its blue, green, red, and on the top shelf in the pantry. I call them M&M's."
5) "When can we start potty-training the twins? I think its time".

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We're Seven Months Old Today!

Teething, scooting, and sitting-up! Caleb and Bria have put us to work and they’re not even fully crawling yet. They are mobile, so watch out! Bria has become the most determined little lady when she's on the floor. When she sees something that she wants (usually a toy that Tyson is playing with) she’ll find a way to get there and get it. Caleb is sitting-up on his own now and loves making noise by banging his toys on things. He has started babbling and sometimes it sounds like he is actually saying “Mama”… probably just wishful thinking.

We’re very excited for C & B’s first Christmas! However, we are tired… so we are trying hard not to burn ourselves out. Tyson is really into Christmas this year so that has been a lot of fun. The countdown has begun!

Caleb likes: chewing on anything!
Caleb dislikes: teething! His two lower teeth are in, but it has been painful (for all of us).
Tender moments: He’s been fussy at bedtime lately, but the moment you pick him up he offers a smile and a giggle.

Bria likes: chewing on anything!
Bria dislikes: not having a toy to play with
Tender moments: Watching Bria’s first crawling moves = go Big Girl go!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We spent Thanksgiving this year with the Tober side in Arizona. We have so much that we are thankful for that it made the holiday extra sweet. Highlights included: spending time together, eating, going for walks, swimming, and a hike.

Tyson was excited to wear his first pair of dress pants to Thanksgiving dinner

He loves his fireman pajamas and climbing on Daddy

 The boys (minus Caleb) hiked Pinnacle Peak
Go Waves!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

We're Six Months Old Today!

Is this a milestone? Probably not, but it feels like one! I am beyond happy to share that our twins are ½ of a year old… probably because I am thrilled we have made it this far! :-)  There have been many moments when I wondered if I would make it through even after an internal pep talk. 

There is a lot going on with Caleb and Bria these days! Caleb just got over having impetigo on his chin… we have no idea where it came from as Bria and Tyson didn’t get it. Both are teething and Bria is cutting two lower teeth. They both like to get up on their knees and rock, but no crawling yet. Caleb likes to grab any toy away from Bria that he can. Baby food looms… I have been putting it off as long as possible as feedings without solid foods are busy.

First wedding for B & C!

Hanging out together in the tent

Caleb likes: eating!
Caleb dislikes: getting his leg, foot, or arm caught between the crib bars.
Tender moments: he wants to be near Mommy or Daddy as much as possible.

Bria likes: watching Tyson.
Bria dislikes: rolling from the rug to wood floor.
Tender moments: her first two teeth have arrived without much fuss!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

It's Caleb and Bria's first Halloween!
Can you guess what they are?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

We're Five Months Old Today!

The newborn phase is so sweet… all babies just want to be fed, loved, and held. We are enjoying this time and we know that soon our babies will be crawling and won’t want to be held as much. Our twins are becoming more active, not sitting up, but rolling around on floor and trying to get out of their bouncy seats and swing. They are louder than ever as they love to squeal, scream, grunt, coo, and blow bubbles. They’re trying hard to be part of our conversations. Teething is also in its early stages as C & B have lots of saliva and will try to chew on anything… including each other and their feet. Just when I was about to give up on nursing Bria, she has been doing better… so I am still alternating nursing one baby and bottle feeding the other. I still do a lot of sitting these days with the feedings and change tons of diaper changes.

Developmentally, C & B have been moving through the stages together. But, they’re fraternal twins in every sense. Caleb has brown eyes and brown fuzz for hair and is our happy camper. He smiles at us constantly and gets excited when he gets a smile in return. He is slightly longer and heavier. Bria has deep blue eyes and blondish fuzz for hair and she is our talker and snuggler... and she is also known for her loud cry and screams when she is unhappy. J
I caught Bria putting her arm around Caleb

Big brother Tyson enjoys C & B. There were times when he really favored Caleb and I was a little worried, but he’s really taken to Bria. When she cries, he’ll rub her belly and try to calm her down. Whenever we get ready to leave the house he makes sure that we’re bringing the twins with us. He really enjoys showing them off at preschool to his buds… I love it when he tells people about the twins and offers their full names.


Caleb likes: grabbing things and rolling around.
Caleb dislikes: watching Bria being held.
Tender moments: watching Caleb move around on the floor... somehow, he’s able to inch backwards when on his tummy.

Bria likes: chewing on her feet and making sounds- she loves to yell out.
Bria dislikes: bed time, she’d much rather stay up.
Tender moments: watching Bria go from screaming to giggling and smiling when she hears the song “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Latest and Greatest...

Here are some recent photos. :-) Lately, my plate has been full with the kids and school work. I am enjoying both, but I am tired... I am not a night owl, so I am taking a break from reading right now in hopes of a "second wind".

 Our handy-man Tyson, working on the bouncy seats 

Playing in an "ambulance" with Christa

Meeting Miss Scottsdale 

Matching: orange
Matching: light green
Matching: dark green
Matching: turquoise
Matching: white and brown

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We're Four Months Old Today!

September! I am super excited that our twins have hit month 4 of life.

Why being 4 months old rocks:
  1. C & B are down to 5 feedings a day (the first 8 weeks we had 8-10 feedings a day).
  2. C & B are more expressive with their smiles and sounds.
  3. C & B are not mobile (yet) and are content with watching Tyson and the world around them.
  4. C & B are able to grasp their baby toys/rattles.
 Twins with their Aunt Lindsay
 Mr. C
    Missy B
Caleb likes: people watching.
Caleb dislikes: being in a swaddle.
Tender moments: singing to Caleb.

Bria likes: sucking on her fingers.
Bria dislikes: nursing- she prefers the bottle.
Tender moments: singing to Bria.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hanging out

August has had some notable highs and lows for us. It always lifts our spirits to spend time with family and friends. :-)

 May 2012 Babies: Bria, Felix, and Caleb
 Tyson really wanted to be in a picture

 Baby Joe and our twins

Do you like my toy? It squeaks!

 I like rattles!
 My folks came for a visit with Kevin

 Pool time together 

 Lego time

 Bria in Tyson's old Bumbo seat

Thursday, August 9, 2012

First Day of Preschool

Time sure flies...Tyson had his first day of preschool today! Tyson and I held hands from the car to his classroom, but once we walked into his classroom he turned to me and said, "I need a hug and a kiss" (so I gave him a hug and a kiss).  Then it was "Ok, bye Mom." I wasn't emotional saying goodbye, but I was having a much harder time than him with the fact that he was now in preschool... the start of his educational career. T-minus how many years until college? It's going to come too quickly.

Tyson is a big fan of Tow Mater

Highlights of his first day: using the bathroom (everything is his size), painting, and playing with cars.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

We're Three Months Old Today!

Our twins have 12+ weeks of life under their belt! Caleb and Bria still share a crib and like being swaddled. They enjoyed their first vacation to the cabin and did well in the car. Their routine is pretty much the same, but the best part is that they eat every 3 hours and they sleep for an 8 hour stretch at night now! :-) Mornings are extra sweet… we love watching them wake up, stretch, and flash big smiles at us. Running errands with all three kids-in-tow was something we used to try to avoid, especially during the work week, but now its become a daily outing for us.

Mr. Tyson looking for his toy wrench... have you seen it?

Caleb likes: getting his diaper changed = huge smiles!
Caleb dislikes: Sleeping without Bria.
Tender moments: Watching him track and smile at Tyson.

Bria likes: cuddling, especially with Caleb (we find her snuggled up next to him every morning).
Bria dislikes: Sleeping without Caleb.
Tender moments: Hearing Bria’s first laughs and squeals.