Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

It's Caleb and Bria's first Halloween!
Can you guess what they are?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

We're Five Months Old Today!

The newborn phase is so sweet… all babies just want to be fed, loved, and held. We are enjoying this time and we know that soon our babies will be crawling and won’t want to be held as much. Our twins are becoming more active, not sitting up, but rolling around on floor and trying to get out of their bouncy seats and swing. They are louder than ever as they love to squeal, scream, grunt, coo, and blow bubbles. They’re trying hard to be part of our conversations. Teething is also in its early stages as C & B have lots of saliva and will try to chew on anything… including each other and their feet. Just when I was about to give up on nursing Bria, she has been doing better… so I am still alternating nursing one baby and bottle feeding the other. I still do a lot of sitting these days with the feedings and change tons of diaper changes.

Developmentally, C & B have been moving through the stages together. But, they’re fraternal twins in every sense. Caleb has brown eyes and brown fuzz for hair and is our happy camper. He smiles at us constantly and gets excited when he gets a smile in return. He is slightly longer and heavier. Bria has deep blue eyes and blondish fuzz for hair and she is our talker and snuggler... and she is also known for her loud cry and screams when she is unhappy. J
I caught Bria putting her arm around Caleb

Big brother Tyson enjoys C & B. There were times when he really favored Caleb and I was a little worried, but he’s really taken to Bria. When she cries, he’ll rub her belly and try to calm her down. Whenever we get ready to leave the house he makes sure that we’re bringing the twins with us. He really enjoys showing them off at preschool to his buds… I love it when he tells people about the twins and offers their full names.


Caleb likes: grabbing things and rolling around.
Caleb dislikes: watching Bria being held.
Tender moments: watching Caleb move around on the floor... somehow, he’s able to inch backwards when on his tummy.

Bria likes: chewing on her feet and making sounds- she loves to yell out.
Bria dislikes: bed time, she’d much rather stay up.
Tender moments: watching Bria go from screaming to giggling and smiling when she hears the song “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”.