Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Pulling themselves up and trying to find Tyson. :-)

To my Valentine...
"It's your love
Just does something to me
Sends a shock right through me
Can't get enough
And if you wonder
'Bout the spell I'm under
It's your love"
-Tim McGraw

Monday, February 4, 2013

We're Nine Months Old Today!

Caleb and Bria are our little explorers. They have plenty of toys, but are constantly drawn to non-baby items such as the hot oven, fireplace, rug, door mats, shutters, and cords. They will put anything and everything in their mouths. They don’t like sitting in our laps much these days and prefer to be on the go. Caleb and Bria play well together, but remain true to the differing personalities that we saw in them during their first weeks of life. Our sensitive Caleb has no problem taking a toy from Bria or Tyson, but if his toy is taken away then he gets very upset. Bria loves to cuddle and gets excited easily (especially around Tyson). Caleb is very ticklish, while Bria really isn’t. Caleb smiles often, while Bria laughs hard (mainly at Tyson). If Bria takes a fall she usually gets back up without a peep, while Caleb is known to cry over small bumps here and there.

January was a busy month with several out-of-town visitors. C & B got to meet their (Great) Aunt Diane & Uncle Bill and (Great) Aunt Linda & Uncle Mike for the first time. I wish I got some photos!

Bria playing with Caleb's feet

 Off to church we go

 Bria with pretty Aunt Linds

 Playing together

 Life with 3!

 Getting some fresh air in the backyard

Sporting their 1st ASU pajamas

Caleb likes: to pull himself up on anything and to babble.
Caleb dislikes: not being allowed to play with the rug.
Tender moments: Lately, when Caleb wakes up from his afternoon nap he sits up in his crib and claps or bounces while waiting to be picked up (he used to cry for us).

Bria likes: to find Tyson and crawl/climb all over him.
Bria dislikes: being in a walker or activity center = crying.
Tender moments: Dressing up Bria in dresses- so much fun having a girl!
Something we have thoroughly enjoyed has been watching Tyson play on the floor with the babies. He does a great job with them as he tries to protect them and make sure they are content at all times. If I am changing a diaper or busy with one baby, I have seen Tyson sing, dance, give back rubs, wipe away tears, and offer his puppy (his most prized possession) to the other baby. During the work week, he is also a big help to me and will help in whatever ways he can. Last week at preschool a friend of his came up to our mammoth stroller and wanted to see the babies and (unprompted) Tyson said, “Now is not a good time because they are sleeping. Sit back down and finish your lunch.” Can you tell he's the oldest child? Bossy like me!