Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Happy (belated) Birthday Caleb and Bria!

O.N.E. Can't believe our twins turned one last weekend! Another day for C & B, but feels like an accomplishment for Adam and I. :-) Nursing is done and now the (not-so) fun task of transitioning to the sippy cup is at play. Lately, Caleb has been our social butterfly as he enjoys interacting with others and loves to make noises. He is our bulldozer… likes to play rough and destroy anything Tyson has created. Bria has been more on the quiet side… she still loves being held and is our little vacuum, as she picks up everything and either puts it in her mouth or hands it to us. She is a helper and likes to put toys away and/or give us toys.

Caleb likes: playing with his new ball and trying to escape to the outside patio (but the dang screen door is in the way).
Caleb dislikes: being hungry.
Tender moments: Watching him cuddle with a stuffed animal.

Bria likes: to try new foods and follow her brothers around.
Bria dislikes: waking up… these days, she wants to be held for awhile after waking up.
Tender moments: In the morning, she follows Adam to the laundry room before he enters our garage and then cries when he says goodbye for the day.