Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Special Visitors

Last week, my parents and grandparents were in town on vacation! My mom and my grandparents made the long trip together from Ohio. It was a treat to spend time with everyone, especially my grandparents who are now in their nineties. My grandparents really enjoyed seeing Tyson since it had been over a year since they last saw him.

Along with special visitors, it was a very eventful week for Tyson: his first broken bone. He fell off of our bed and broke his right collar bone. Crazy! No surgery is necessary, but he has to wear an x-small chest sling for a few weeks along with no climbing or playground slides. He has been a trooper and hasn't complained about pain.
New chest sling and tired of saying "Cheese"Golfing with Grandpa ToberReading with Great-Grandpa Tober