Friday, August 30, 2013

Double Trouble

Well, B & C are 15 months old and on the go! These two go from being super sweet to causing mischief in seconds. They have recently figured out how to turn on the bath tub, so they love to turn it on, get wet, and then run out of the bathroom in laughter. Caleb can now reach up and open any of the doors in our home = eek! When we load up in the family car, they like to hide on the other side of the garage. And, Mr. Caleb is very intrigued by the log holder in our fireplace and has gotten quite dirty trying to move it. :-(

They LOVE big brother Tyson and enjoy following him, wrestling with him, and playing with him.

 Playing together under my desk


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Three Amigos!

I like to coordinate the twins' outfits, but lately Tyson has been feeling left out. So, he has picked out his own outfits for church to match theirs.

Wearing turquoise as T helps B get her sandal on

The following Sunday they wore red to church

B & C love to cuddle with T

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Driving home from preschool on Wednesday:

Tyson: Hannah (5th grade neighbor) came into our classroom today and said "Hi" to me.
Me: That's neat!
Tyson: Then, ___ asked me if she was my girlfriend!
Me: Really?
Tyson: I told him no, she is my friend. But he thinks she is my girlfriend.
Tyson: What's a girlfriend?

Monday, August 12, 2013

These are special times...

I'm on summer break, so there is no excuse why I have not been posting photos more frequently. Sorry about that. 

The end of July was spent in Ohio visiting my grandparents. I saw them last March before having the twins, but they have significantly aged since then (they are now 97 and 91 years old). Tyson and I enjoyed our special trip together, while my mom held down the fort here and watched the twins. 

Best ice cream shop! It has a moving carousel in it!

 Tyson and his 2nd cousin Nora... I used to look out this window like this when I was a kid :-)

 1st day of Pre-K!

All 3 are excited for Tyson's big day