Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We're Seven Months Old Today!

Teething, scooting, and sitting-up! Caleb and Bria have put us to work and they’re not even fully crawling yet. They are mobile, so watch out! Bria has become the most determined little lady when she's on the floor. When she sees something that she wants (usually a toy that Tyson is playing with) she’ll find a way to get there and get it. Caleb is sitting-up on his own now and loves making noise by banging his toys on things. He has started babbling and sometimes it sounds like he is actually saying “Mama”… probably just wishful thinking.

We’re very excited for C & B’s first Christmas! However, we are tired… so we are trying hard not to burn ourselves out. Tyson is really into Christmas this year so that has been a lot of fun. The countdown has begun!

Caleb likes: chewing on anything!
Caleb dislikes: teething! His two lower teeth are in, but it has been painful (for all of us).
Tender moments: He’s been fussy at bedtime lately, but the moment you pick him up he offers a smile and a giggle.

Bria likes: chewing on anything!
Bria dislikes: not having a toy to play with
Tender moments: Watching Bria’s first crawling moves = go Big Girl go!

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