Monday, January 28, 2013

This just makes me happy...

11th month old twin girls rocking out!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hanging out

Getting over being sick + cold weather = staying inside. The last week and half we were home bound and we all got a little antsy. Thankfully, we are all feeling better now and slipping back into our old routine. We are back to sleeping through the night = wahoo! Caleb and Bria are crawling everywhere and love getting into everything... Caleb can now stand holding onto his baby gate, unfortunately he loves to shake it and fall back. Oy Vey!

 Some days are harder than others 

 Caleb wants out

 Pajamas all day long


 Puzzle complete :-)

Friday, January 4, 2013

We're Eight Months Old Today!

Happy New Year from Caleb and Bria! These babies are busy and it feels like the increase in activity happened overnight. They are now crawling and trying to climb over things, so we are busy keeping up. Bria can do the full-crawl and Caleb does a combination of an army crawl, full-crawl, and a swim crawl. They now eat baby food at breakfast and dinner. They adore big brother Tyson and love to play with his toys instead of their baby toys. They are drawn to the fireplace and any type of cord, so we have to be one step ahead of them all the time.

The past month was an eventful one…Christmas activities, twins’ 1st Christmas, and first illnesses. Caleb had a sinus infection prior to Christmas which turned into a double ear infection a week after Christmas. Bria was diagnosed with the flu after Christmas which turned into a sinus infection a few days later. Then Tyson kicked off the New Year with a double ear infection as well. This was our first time experiencing multiple kids sick at the same time and it was trying, but luckily, Grandma Coburn stepped in and helped us out big time during the chaos of 3 sick little ones.

Caleb wants so badly to go in our bathroom

Bria just enjoys looking around while standing

Exhausted during dinner time

Bria likes her teething toys, while Caleb likes to chew on his crib :-(

Caleb's new signature move is to crawl over Bria

Poor Bria! Stinks being the youngest!
Caleb likes: trying to get to the lamp cord and trying to pull himself up…time to lower the crib!
Caleb dislikes: spinach baby food.
Tender moments: Watching Caleb try his hardest to stand up while holding onto things… just not quite there yet.
Bria likes: crawling and eating!
Bria dislikes: being sick… she usually is a great nighttime sleeper, but when sick gets up several times throughout the night.
Tender moments: If she is upset, Tyson will play his new harmonica and she’ll flash a big smile through her tears.