Thursday, April 11, 2013


Happy 4th Birthday to our big boy Tyson!!!

He is our fun-loving and high energy boy. His bright personality and smile brings joy to our hearts each day. He is frequently seen roaming around the house and pretending to shoot spiderwebs from his wrist like Spiderman. He likes to play with dump trucks, fire trucks, garbage trucks, and monster trucks (notice a theme?). He loves books, puzzles, games, play dough, and painting. Tyson adores his family and friends... and greets them with, "I need a hug and a kiss." He loves to cuddle with Daddy and likes to make the babies laugh. He is very observant and doesn't miss a beat in my conversations with others. He recently told me, "Mama, I am ready for you to tell me that you're the real Cinderella."

Thursday, April 4, 2013

We're Eleven Months Old Today!

Is it really just one month away from their 1st Birthday?!?! Whoa. We have enjoyed watching them interact more and more with each other. Caleb still wants the toy that Bria is playing with, but it has been entertaining watching Bria guard her things. Lately, she doesn’t back down and fights for what she had first. When toys are not of interest, they follow each other around the house and also get into things together… like drawers and cabinets. It is especially sweet when one baby wakes up from a nap and then crawls to the bedroom that the other baby is sleeping in.

Family photo after Tyson/babies dedication

Hanging around at church

Playing around

 Meal times are extra messy these days

 Can you see all 5 of my teeth? 

 The perfect zoo day

Easter Egg Hunt number two

Caleb likes: putting his blanket near his face while sleeping.
Caleb dislikes: having his nose wiped.
Tender moments: Caleb likes to hold Bria’s hand in our car.

Bria likes: climbing and chewing on anything (lately toilet paper, house plants, and wipes = argh!)
Bria dislikes: being dropped off at the church nursery.
Tender moments: When I nurse Caleb, Bria will come over and lay her head on his back. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

After Easter service

 C & B being silly :-)

Family photo minus Tyson... he was on the 
playground instead