Sunday, November 4, 2012

We're Six Months Old Today!

Is this a milestone? Probably not, but it feels like one! I am beyond happy to share that our twins are ½ of a year old… probably because I am thrilled we have made it this far! :-)  There have been many moments when I wondered if I would make it through even after an internal pep talk. 

There is a lot going on with Caleb and Bria these days! Caleb just got over having impetigo on his chin… we have no idea where it came from as Bria and Tyson didn’t get it. Both are teething and Bria is cutting two lower teeth. They both like to get up on their knees and rock, but no crawling yet. Caleb likes to grab any toy away from Bria that he can. Baby food looms… I have been putting it off as long as possible as feedings without solid foods are busy.

First wedding for B & C!

Hanging out together in the tent

Caleb likes: eating!
Caleb dislikes: getting his leg, foot, or arm caught between the crib bars.
Tender moments: he wants to be near Mommy or Daddy as much as possible.

Bria likes: watching Tyson.
Bria dislikes: rolling from the rug to wood floor.
Tender moments: her first two teeth have arrived without much fuss!


  1. Hi Ilalia-
    I'm Susan Marks, Jackie and Bud Schulz's youngest daughter. I've enjoyed watching your children grow in your blog! I have four children--John and Marsha may remember our invading their house one time about 18 years ago, and I'm assisting in raising two more right now (2 1/2 and 8 months). Can I offer some advice about baby food? Skip the spoon-fed stuff. When they are ready to eat, they can pick up soft bits and feed themselves. I think we "baby" our babies way too much these days! My last two babies (now 19 and 23) never had any baby food; only finger foods! It would seem that with twins, anything that makes it easier is the way to go! Soft foods like bananas, avocados, pears, sweet potatoes, etc. Then move into a few grain based foods, and then, well, anything goes! It makes life ever so much easier! The baby at my house right now (8 months old) is not precise at picking things up, but she gets the job done, and only wants to feed herself; she bats that spoon away!
    Your children are gorgeous! You are obviously doing a great job with them!!

  2. Um YES that's a milestone! You're supermom. Hang in there - I promise it only gets easier - especially since you have such good sleepers!!