Saturday, August 4, 2012

We're Three Months Old Today!

Our twins have 12+ weeks of life under their belt! Caleb and Bria still share a crib and like being swaddled. They enjoyed their first vacation to the cabin and did well in the car. Their routine is pretty much the same, but the best part is that they eat every 3 hours and they sleep for an 8 hour stretch at night now! :-) Mornings are extra sweet… we love watching them wake up, stretch, and flash big smiles at us. Running errands with all three kids-in-tow was something we used to try to avoid, especially during the work week, but now its become a daily outing for us.

Mr. Tyson looking for his toy wrench... have you seen it?

Caleb likes: getting his diaper changed = huge smiles!
Caleb dislikes: Sleeping without Bria.
Tender moments: Watching him track and smile at Tyson.

Bria likes: cuddling, especially with Caleb (we find her snuggled up next to him every morning).
Bria dislikes: Sleeping without Caleb.
Tender moments: Hearing Bria’s first laughs and squeals.

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  1. 8 hours!?!!! Holy smokes! You deserve it. I LOVE hearing how strong their bond is.

    You are doing AMAZING.