Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lindsay Sturgeon

My dear friend Lindsay will be checking into Stanford Hospital today for her second kidney transplant surgery that will take place tomorrow. Her kidney donor is none other than her husband Chris (they learned on Valentine’s Day 2011 that he was her miracle kidney “match”).

Lindsay is a fighter- she is incredibly strong and resilient. She had her first kidney transplant back in July 2006 from her Dad, Kurt, but the scar tissue that has built around her donated kidney has made that kidney fail.

Of particular concern is that Lindsay will essentially be undergoing two surgeries - one on one side to take out Kurt's kidney and ureter, and the second on the other side to implant Chris' new kidney. It's unusual to take out a kidney like this during transplant, in fact it carries more risk, but the thinking is that the ureter has been a pathway to infection, so removing it and the kidney will give Chris' kidney a head start towards health. Please pray for God's hands on their surgeons and peace for their families.

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