Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Wishing you a great day! Below are some recent photos: Transportation Day at Tyson's school (we got to watch a Black Hawk helicopter land in the school parking lot!) and Tyson "patiently" waiting for his puppy take a bath in the washer (he loves his stuffed-animal puppy and real puppies).

Future fire fighter?

Future pilot?

Or a future veterinarian?


  1. Ilalia! I miss you so much and I am so excited that you are having twins! You look so cute in your pictures and Tyson is such a sweetie. He will be an amazing older brother!

  2. OMG Il! What are you feeding him? He's getting so big! He is soooo stinkin cute! Sounds like you need to get him a real puppy! A little boy, 2 little babies and a puppy (a husband too, I should include ;) Natalie will be 6 in May and still has her stuffed animal lamb (aka, "Lamb-y" or "Lamb-dog" as we also call him). Dan got him for her when she was 6 months old and it was love at first site. For whatever reason, she chews/sucks on his ears (and rubs the other one with her hands). It's messing up her front teeth and she has lost one tooth so far and 1 of the bottom and 1 of the top are loose now. I told her, once she looses her top two teeth, no more chewing on him because I need to give those permanent teeth a chance to come in straight, even though they are probably already screwed. Since she chews on him (Gross, I know. The worst is when she wakes up with that thing and he smells like morning breath...blech!) I have to wash him constantly and I Spray N Wash the crap out of him. She always has to kiss him goodbye, gives him one last chew and rub and always tells him to be nice, don't hit the other clothes and "mommy" will be here to see him when he's done. She will watch him in the washer/dryer just like Tyson is doing in that picture. How darn cute are they?! Whenever I try to tell her we need to not have Lamby, you would think I told her I hate her. The look on that poor girl's face and I always get the "But Mommy, he's special. Daddy gave him to me" speach. I told her when she looses her teeth and can't chew on him anymore, she can still have him, just without chewing on him but it will be hard because it's a habit. We'll see how that goes because it should happen soon since the teeth are fallin (they grow so fast Il....she's in Kindergarten, almost 6, lost a tooth and wears glasses now which makes her look older, to me at least, but I love little kids with glasses. So cute! Turns out she has really bad eyesight in her left eye). Just wait until the babies come, Tyson will look HUGE to you. Do you think he's going to be good with the babies or really jealous or both? I know it's hard to tell, but some kids you can tell how they will be around babies. Natalie is DYING for us to have another (finally convinced Dan so it will happen soon. I am trying to plan the right time, which I know will never happen so I just need to stop trying to plan and put it in God's hands...but everytime I think of being pregnant and all things pregnancy, I start to panic. Don't you wish you can blink and VIOLA! You have a new bundle in your arms that sleeps thru the night?! ;) Or blink, and your hubby is pregnant and not you this time?! (Actually, I couldn't put up with the whinning). Do you have any upcoming trips planned to WA or are you on the NO FLY list, due to pregnancy, of course? ;) Miss you! Love ya! Hope you're well! Give that cute little guy a kiss for me!