Thursday, January 19, 2012

Big Mama!

Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers with our twins news! The twins are more active than ever in my belly and Adam and I are starting to plan out our new "to do list" that comes with any set of twins. Overall, we are beyond excited, but no doubt there are times we are overwhelmed with the big changes coming to our little family and the reality that a pregnancy/labor/delivery with multiples has a greater risk of complications at severe levels. What we do know brings us great comfort: that the twins are under God's protection and we are confident in our OB-GYN and the hospital that we're delivering at. Plus, we have received great advice from family and friends with twins.

Top 5 twins questions that we have gotten:
1. Do twins run in Ilalia's family? Nope.
2. Do twins run in Adam's family? Yes, actually on both sides of his family, but it's carried through the maternal side.
3. Are your boy-girl twins identical? Ah, nope on that one... different plumbing!
4. Were you planning on having twins? Not exactly...but we couldn't be more thrilled to add double the fun.
5. Are you bigger this pregnancy than last? YES, much bigger. See photos below.

22 weeks with Tyson

22 weeks with the twins

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  1. We're so very excited for you 5! Praying for you all!