Thursday, March 17, 2011

Carolina on my mind...

The first half of my Spring Break was spent in Charlotte, NC visiting Lindsay! Lindsay has been living in Charlotte for over a year and she loves it. We were blessed to see a glimpse of her life and meet a few of her friends. The South has a charm that cannot be matched in the West...I was blown away by the beauty of the city through its old historic homes, quaint restaurants and bars, and colorful flowers. Travelling with an active toddler brought new challenges as Tyson had his own agenda when we tried to plan each day packed with things to see and do. Tyson was a trooper and he really enjoyed his time with Aunt Lyndie (as he calls her).

We made it! First few moments after landing.

Visting Lindsay's church- notice the (purple) flowers!

Charleston, SC! They use actual gas lamp lanterns!

On our way to our carriage city tour...during Ty's nap time.

Visiting the Boone Plantation

Entrance to the plantation lined with 200 year old oak trees...gorgeous!

Rainbow Row

Atlantic Ocean pic


  1. What beautiful pictures. Looks like you guys had a blast!

  2. Fun, Fun! Glad you made it home safely! Next time come visit St. Louis - it is the ultimate long weekend getaway vacation :)