Saturday, June 12, 2010


Tyson and I traveled to Northern Cal to visit my dear friend Angie. The last time that I saw Ang was when she came to visit from Rhode Island, seven months pregnant with her son Porter. I couldn't be happier that she is back on the left side of the country! Tyson and I enjoyed playing with Porter, now 22 months old, and watching him in action. I am a big fan of the Bay Area- the scenery is beautiful, the beach is near, and the seasons are mild. My trip ended shorter than planned because Tyson came down with a high fever, ear infection number three, and an unexpected trip to Urgent Care. It was well worth the eventful trek to spend time with Ang before her second baby arrives in October.

Porter and Ang playing in the backyard...and their goat Harry in the background

In Porter's porch chair...the poor kid was forced by his mom

Heading out for a walk

Playing in the pantry

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