Friday, April 2, 2010


As the saying goes, "when it rains, it pours". Yep, we've had one of those weeks and we've been waiting anxiously for Friday. Last weekend started off with Tyson's first ear infection, but he was a good sport about it and wasn't fussy. So, we were able to take him to his first Spring Training baseball game in honor of John's 60th Birthday! We had a great time at the baseball game, but things for our baby boy just seemed to head down hill from there. By Wednesday, he was diagnosed with bronchiolitis and he ended up staying home from day care the entire week. It has been tough to see Tyson not feeling well for days on end. On top of Tyson being sick, my car ended up in the shop for the week needing major repairs. To end on a good note, we've been blessed to have John and Marsha take good care of our little guy all week so we were able to work and allowing us to drive one of their cars while mine was in the shop.
Looking forward to a happy and (hopefully) healthy Easter!

The Coburn men

Photo with Sara and David and lots of sunglasses!

Tyson napping on Marsha from the seventh to ninth innings

Happier times with Tyson...a day before the bronchiolitis symtoms kicked in

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  1. Oh NO...I am so sorry to hear that things were so bad with Tyson and your car. I hope this week is MUCH, MUCH better for all of you! Morgan misses Tyson...she is sitting on my lap as I typr this saying..."Tys, Tys". We will need to meet up soon!