Sunday, July 19, 2009

Adventures in Washington

We returned to Washington to vacation with the Ironmen (Adam's good buddies from Pepperdine) and their families in Hansville, Washington. The Ironmen Summit is a biennial summer event and our crew has grown by three since the last gathering in Heber, Arizona. Special thanks to the Myers family for being such great hosts. Check out Reuben's blog for some photo journalism from the trip. Tyson and I extended our trip a few extra days to relax in the cool weather before I returned for work.

Mt. Rainier at dusk (our view from the plane)

Stroll around Greenlake

Ironmen Summit 2009

Did you know that Adam can skateboard?

Croquet fun

Tyson's first ferry ride

Tyson has found his thumb

Tyson and Selah reconnecting

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